We appreciate your continued trust in our practice.  Please plan on 30-40 minutes of face to face time with our providers and care team.  You will receive our courtesy patient’s responsibility estimate via your secure portal prior to your follow up appointment.  Please review and accept this estimate by replying to the web portal message.  Should you have any questions regarding your responsibility estimate, please reply to this web message via the secure portal. 

If your next visit with us is an “annual” visit or if you last visit with us was over 36 months ago, please print out our current medication list form, check your medications at home, complete the list, and bring the form with you at your appointment.

Your agreement to your responsibility estimate serves as the “guarantee” for your appointment.  Unless we receive your reply at least 2 business days before your scheduled appointment, we may shorten your appointment time so as to allow other patients timely access to our care.

Your appointment will remain on our schedule regardless of whether we receive your confirmation of your financial responsibility estimate unless we receive notification of appointment cancellation or rescheduling.  Fees for no-show, rescheduling, or cancellation outside of 2 business days’ notice will apply.  Please carefully read our cancellation/rescheduling policy.

We may update our office and financial policies from time to time.  Please review our current policies prior to your appointment.

If you are returning for testing or procedures, please review information on how to prepare for diagnostic testing prior to your appointment so that you can get the most from your test results.  

Our practice has served patients in southeast Aurora and Centennial since 2004.  We are proud to have maintained the long-term trust of our community.  Whether you have new questions or concerns or simply want to check in to see if our providers have new information to share with you, we are happy to assist you.  If your last appointment with us was within the past 36 months, we will quickly get you in as an established patient.  If your last appointment with us was over 36 months ago, a new patient appointment will be needed to better care for you.  

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