Welcome to premier allergy.  We value your partnership and trust.  Our providers look forward to working closely with you to help you feel better.  To assist our providers in providing you with comprehensive and efficient care, please enter your medical information via our secure patient portal into your electronic health record (EHR) prior to your appointment.  Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Log onto: Secure patient portal
  • Enter the username and password provided to you by our team member.
  • You will be prompted to create a new password.  Please keep this password secured to protect your EHR.  
  • On the left panel, please expand the following tabs:
    • “Questionnaires”
      • Complete the “Medical History” and
      • “Surgical and Allergies”
    • “Account Information”
    • Please be sure you answer all of the questions.  Please click the “Submit and Save” button at the bottom of each page to ensure the information is saved in your EHR.  
  • Log off when you are finished.

Your current medication list is necessary for our provider to better care for you.  Please print out our current medication list form, check your medications at home, complete the list, and bring the form with you at your appointment.  

To ensure that we can provide you with the best care and with the best coverage from your insurance company, we begin your first visit with a comprehensive history and provide you with detailed counseling around our assessment and recommendations.  When necessary, lung function testing may be performed at your first visit.  Other diagnostic testing may require proper authorization and approval before proceeding.  Most testing, including skin tests, can be completed within 1-7 days after your first visit with us.  Should you wish to plan ahead for your return visit, please review information on preparing for diagnostic testing so that you can get the most from your test results.  

You will receive our courtesy patient’s responsibility estimate via your secure portal prior to your appointment.  Please review and accept this estimate by replying to this web portal message.

The cornerstone of our practice philosophy is that time spent with patients is key to their care.  We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients and their needs.  Please plan on 45-90 minutes of face to face time with our providers and care team.  Your medical information and your agreement to the responsibility estimate via your secure patient portal serve as the “guarantee” for your appointment.  Unless we receive this information from you at least 2 business days in advance, we may shorten your appointment time so as to allow other patients timely access to our care.   

Your appointment will remain on our schedule regardless of whether we receive your confirmation of your financial responsibility estimate or your portal information unless we receive your notification for appointment cancellation or rescheduling.  Fees for no-show, rescheduling, or cancellation outside of 2 business days’ notice will apply.  Please carefully read our cancellation/rescheduling policy.

Please review our office and financial polices prior to your appointment.

We look forward to partnering with you on the road to better health.

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