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The Providers

Dr. Raweewan Hoontrakoon

Dr. Hoontrakoon is a board-certified allergist and has been practicing community-based Allergy & Immunology in Colorado since 2000.  In 2004, she established premier allergy & asthma with offices in Southeast Aurora.  Dr. Hoontrakoon is a member of both the American Academy and the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.  Dr. Hoontrakoon first came to Colorado in 1997 from the prestigious Mayo Clinic and completed her fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at Denver’s own National Jewish Medical and Research Center.  She has received grant funding for research into the fundamental causes of allergy and asthma from both the American Lung Association and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Dr. Hoontrakoon has also served on the aerobiology committee of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.   Finally, as the mother of children with food allergies, Dr. Hoontrakoon shares her patients’ concerns and has a personal as well as professional interest in helping you and your family with your allergy and asthma needs.

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Sofia Goli, DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

Sofia was born and raised in Denmark.  She moved to Oklahoma City, OK in 1999.  She started her undergraduate degree through the University of Oklahoma and graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2010.  Sofia worked as a bedside registered nurse in the intensive care unit before furthering her specialty within the field and becoming a board-certified critical care registered nurse (CCRN).  She further advanced her education and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nursing and became a board-certified adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner (AGACNP-BC).  She pursued her final degree in nursing and graduated as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2017.

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Sofia prides herself in genuinely caring for her patients’ holistic well-being, as well as providing specialized care, being a patient advocate, and providing care through evidence-based practice.

Our Mission

Many patients simply do not conform to textbook descriptions.  Individuals respond to treatments in individual ways.  The cornerstone of our practice is to take the extra time required to truly understand all of the issues affecting our patients’ health and well-being.  We work closely and effectively with our patients as we help them feel better.

Beyond this philosophy, we utilize state-of-the-art, evidence-based medicine and employ advanced technologies, including a comprehensive electronic health records system with integrated virtual visits.

This combination of time, understanding, and advanced medicine puts our patients on the road to better health.  At premier allergy, our patients are included in the process, empowering them to take charge of their conditions and their lives.


premier allergy & asthma embraces information technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of your care.  From day one, we have integrated an award-winning electronic health record (EHR) system into our practice.  Most importantly, we embrace technology as a tool to achieve our primary goal of connecting and caring for our patients at a personal level. 

Our systems permit secured electronic communications with patients and our providers.  Enjoy accessing your medical record or making appointments with us from your mobile device or a desktop computer at your convenience.  Forgot what your provider advised you during your office visit?  Log into your medical records to see your treatment plan.  Have a simple non urgent question for our provider?  Send them a message through your secured patient portal for a quick answer.  Your check-in process is also made simple with our Kiosk system that is integrated with our EHR.  Simply swipe your driver’s license or use the QR code and verify your information with a simple touch on our iPad.

When you’re busy and it’s hard to fit in an appointment with your allergist or you just feel too unwell to visit the clinic in person, booking a virtual visit could be the perfect solution.  Dr. Hoontrakoon and DNP Goli are experienced, compassionate providers who offer secure, state-of-the-art online care for patients of premier allergy.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures

It has now been 7 months since the pandemic began. Scientific investigation has now identified the potential for COVID-19 airborne transmission. We have learned that good ventilation plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, especially in indoor settings. When used alongside other best practices, such as social distancing and proper mask wearing, increased ventilation between indoor and outdoor air can be part of a plan to protect people indoors.


At premier allergy, we have taken advantages of our location in a single-storied building. Cross ventilation inside our practice has been created by leaving our entry and exit doors open throughout summer and fall. You may have also seen HEPA filters running at our office. These measures have worked well during the warmer months. Now that winter is upon us, cross ventilation will not always be possible. We have decided to create “negative pressure” spaces in our practice so that indoor air with possible contaminants, including infectious particles,  can be exhausted to the outside and not recirculated back indoors.


On November 7th, premier allergy began installing multiple exhaust fans on the rooftops of our suite. These exhaust fans create negative pressure, pulling the air from inside our practice and immediately discharging it outside. We are excited to share this safety measure with you. Check out some pictures from the installation here.



FCI Constructors and Rogers & Sons began the installation process on Saturday November 7th 2020.
Installation of curbs for exhaust fans on our roof top.
Exhaust fan mounted to the curb.
Connecting root-top exhaust fans to each designated room inside premier allergy.
Finished exhaust fans on our roof top.


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